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Weekly (most cost effective and allows our staff to provide you consistent services based on their personal knowledge of your home)




Occasional One Time Cleaning

Spring cleaning? Holiday party? Grandma visiting? Mom bringing baby to his/her new home?  Whatever your need or special event, C5 Cleaning Solutions will ensure your apartment, condo or house shines for your family, friends and guests.


Move In-Move Out Service

Are you all packed up and ready to go? Rather you are saying goodbye or welcome home, C5 is happy to take care of the cleaning for you!

Basic Residential Cleaning

A basic residential cleaning includes the following:

Removing cobwebs

Dusting any trim

Sweep & mop the floors

Vacuum and shaking your rugs

Spot Clean: Walls, door frames & light switches

Remove smudges and finger prints from mirror and glass

Dust ceiling fans, pictures, lampshades etc.

Dust baseboards 


The Kitchen: 

Disinfect the counter tops

Clean interior of refrigerator

Wipe down all appliances 

Dust cabinet exterior

Clean stove and burners

Clean exterior of oven

Empty wastebasket, replace liner

Clean exterior of dishwasher

Clean and polish chrome fixtures

The Bathrooms: 

Clean interior and exterior of toilet

Clean and polish chrome fixtures

Clean the sink

Clean the tub and/or shower

Dust and clean the cabinet doors only

Empty waste baskets

Clean and dust window 

Sweep & mop the floor


The Bedrooms:

Vacuum all carpeted areas and rugs

Vacuum under the beds

Dust bedroom furniture


The Hallway and Stairwell:

Vacuum steps

Dust the baseboards


The Living Room, Study, Family Room, Dining Room:

Dust all furniture & electronics

Straighten books, magazines, etc.

Carpet in Living Room

A La Carte

Our flexible A La Carte or "on the side" cleaning menu allows you to select exactly what you want and need. Does your kitchen need a good sprucing up? Need us to tidy up the garage? We will make your oven and stainless steel refrigerator sparkle with our flexible A la Carte options.


Items and Room Serviced:



Cabinet Cleaning & Organization Offered



Interior Window Cleaning: Inside glass only $15 per window

Window Sill: $10

Blinds: $15

Vents: $10 Each

Baseboards: $10 Per Area/ Per Room

Oven*: $65

Refrigerator*: $65

Freezer*: $25 and Up

Kitchen Only Deep Clean*: $165

Master Bath Only Deep Clean*: $150

Shower Only Deep Clean*: Price Starts at $50

Cabinet Exterior: $8 Per Cabinet

Closet De-clutter & Clean-up: Price starts at $50 Per Hour

Garage De-clutter & Clean-up: Price starts at $50 Per Hour

Well Organized Closet

*A Deep Cleaning is required and performed when a normal General Maintenance Cleaning will not bring the area or item to a satisfactory level.

Specific tools and products are used to remove heavy buildup. These tasks are labor intensive and require extended time to perform and complete.

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